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Sony is patenting a technological innovation that can detect and blacklist pirate applications on media players and clever TVs. By means of the use of monitoring software package, third-celebration apps sideloaded on to these and other devices can be blocked, efficiently defending rightsholders from online piracy.

Over the earlier numerous decades, Sony has founded itself as a foremost player in the technology, music, film, and gaming industries.

The Japanese organization has not shied away from getting on the competition, but one particular adversary has demonstrated notably complicated to prevail over piracy.

Sony acknowledged this risk early on. At the Americas Meeting on Data Devices in 2000, Sony Images Entertainment’s U.S. senior vice president Steve Heckler declared an all-out assault on piracy.

No matter what It Takes…

Responding to the Napster danger, which had just arrived at its peak, Heckler promised to take intense techniques to deal with the on the web scourge.

“We will establish engineering that transcends the particular person person. We will firewall Napster at supply — we will block it at your cable organization, we will block it at your telephone business, we will block it at your ISP. We will firewall it at your Computer,” Heckler said.

This was not an exaggeration. In the decades that adopted, Sony rolled out some alternatively intense technology, most notably the application uncovered in the DRM rootkit scandal. Following affecting tens of millions of people today, a mass recall of infected CDs and various class action lawsuits ensued.

Quickly forward far more than two a long time and Sony is nonetheless preventing online piracy. The organization hopes that cloud engineering will finally defeat piracy in the gaming sector, but on the online video entertainment side, blocking may well nevertheless be essential.

As Heckler envisioned at the commence of the century, Sony has because received many blocking orders close to the world, requiring ISPs to block subscriber accessibility to pirate web-sites. Additional just lately, this work was expanded to DNS resolvers with Sony’s lawsuit in opposition to Quad9.

Anti-Piracy Blacklist Patent

Apparently, a new patent application implies that Sony’s blocking eyesight is not restricted to Internet companies. At the time yet again, the organization also wants to gain blocking powers on people’s media products, which include good TVs.

The proposed patent, titled “Anti-Piracy Regulate Centered on Blacklisting Purpose,” describes a engineering to ban third-social gathering applications that make it possible for buyers to entry pirated information. These illicit apps will be detected on buyer components as a result of the use of monitoring computer software, which in transform will variety aspect of an running process.

“The watch software has program privileges to analyze the code and execution of the third-celebration software installed on the digital device,” Sony writes.

sony blacklist patent

Banning Pirate Applications

Sony specifics a number of scenarios in which the patent can be handy, together with just one in which streaming products allow buyers to put in unvetted applications. Yet another envisions intervention when individuals consider to sideload applications that are banned by official retailers these types of as Google Perform.

“Some of these 3rd-social gathering applications may contain pirate applications that could acquire material from rogue web-sites to stream pirated articles onto the streaming machine,” the patent description reads.

“In this kind of eventualities, the pirate applications may perhaps supply quality information to the streaming system devoid of authorization, and may perhaps subvert the expert services of reputable articles suppliers,” Sony adds.

The whole patent application goes into depth on many techniques the monitoring program could use to detect and block apps. Monitoring external network resources accessed by apps, for illustration, or instantly inspecting an app’s code.

No matter if Sony is essentially doing the job on a venture to be rolled out in the true globe is unknown. On the other hand, the patent plainly reveals that on-line piracy has but to be ‘rooted’ out so it stays a critical problem for the enterprise.

A duplicate of the patent application titled “Anti-Piracy Handle Based mostly on Blacklisting Function” is readily available listed here (pdf)

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