Servicemember stories about identity theft are raising

Id theft can promptly reverse a very good credit history report, filling it with unfamiliar, maxed-out credit score card accounts or collections accounts for secret debts. It can spell problems for everyone, but for servicemembers, identity theft ensuing in negative information on a credit report can lead to the loss of a stability clearance or even discharge.

In 2021, armed service consumers—who contain energetic obligation servicemembers, veterans, and army relatives members—reported just about 50,000 cases of id theft to the Federal Trade Fee (FTC). Amongst 2014 and 2022, military shopper complaints to the CFPB about money owed they mentioned resulted from id theft enhanced almost fivefold, from just more than 200 per year in 2014, to more than 1,000 in 2022.

Nationwide purchaser reporting businesses (NCRCs) need to be responsive to the identification theft and credit rating issues of servicemembers, veterans, and armed service families. We also persuade fiscal establishments to contemplate how they can bolster their protections versus identity theft. The CFPB will continue to use its obtainable equipment to assure that NCRCs and economical institutions just take acceptable action when servicemembers report identification theft.

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